Research and Development

The R&D team at Inga has developed expertise in pharmaceutical research with competencies developed in analytical method validation, scale-up batch manufacturing, bio-equivalence studies, validation studies and commercial batch manufacturing.

Currently the team is involved in the development of a number of immediate release and sustained release formulations. Products are also being developed utilizing alternate routes of drug delivery (inhalation)

Experienced teams carry out solubility studies, partition co-efficient studies, pKa determination, polymorphism studies, stability studies, isolation and identification of impurities and degradation products, stress modelling for drug substances and formulations

The R&D facility in Mumbai is 7000 square feet with capabilities to manufacture 2 kg to 10 kg batch sizes of Tablets / Capsules/ Pellets / Powders with the same equipment design as our production scale equipment.

The R&D also has its own laboratory facilitating all formulation development activities.

The R&D is focused on the development of difficult to formulate solid Oral Dosage forms.

+91-22-28202932 / 33
+91-22-28202932 / 33